Minnesota Dem Congressman Says He Will Vote Against Impeachment

Minnesota House Democrat Collin Peterson says he does not agree with this and will vote no on Impeachment!

He better, Trump won his district by 31% in 2016!

Watch him explain how the impeachment is nonsensical below, and how it’s been done backwards.

He’s right, they’ve spent a year trying to figure out how to impeach the President, that’s not how this works.

Watch the video below:

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3 years ago

Sir — Your “the original Blue Dog Democrats” no longer exist in America! They have been overtaken by the Socialists headed up by the “Squad” and Bernie Sanders, Liz Warren and Joe Biden! Oh by the way Sleepy Creepy Joe is about to be indicted and the whole illegal money laundering is about to come to an abrupt end! Remember this — YOU work for “We The People” not the other way around! It’s about time you decide who you work for! ? https://twitter.com/i/status/1206290547360579587

3 years ago

This Congressman is representing his constituency and if he had followed Rep Jeff Van Drew in switching over to the Republicans, I’d be singing his praises! He is really better than Rep Tulsi Gabbard who voted “Present” as a cop-out! I suspect that he will lose in the Primary as the Dem-Wit Party voters will come after him to be replaced by a Republican any way!


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