Milley Says Afghan Forces ‘Not Designed Appropriately’ to Secure Nation in ‘Lesson Learned’ Following Worst Military Debacle in History

If you or I had done what General Milley did in our day jobs, we would be terminated, and be looking for work. Unfortunately in the Biden Regime, you keep your job, get a pat on the back, some free ice cream, and a Mario Kart tournament in the White House basement.

Woke General Milley is now saying in an interview with Fox News Jennifer Griffin, that the Afghanistan embarrassment and debacle were “lessons learned” from the horrific U.S. military withdraw from the region.

“The Army itself – the army and the police forces were a mirror image in many ways – and we created and developed forces that looked like Western forces,” Milley explained. “I think one of the big lessons learned here is maybe those forces were not designed appropriately for the type of mission.”

The General who was speaking to Fox News at Ramstein Air Base in Germany, said the fall of the Afghan government occurred much sooner than officials had expected. Which begs the question, why would you leave if you knew that was going to happen?

“The collapse of the Afghan army happened at a much faster rate and [was] very unexpected by pretty much everybody,” he said. “And then with that is the collapse of the Afghan government.”

“Afghanistan has always been a very difficult issue,” he later added.

The general told Fox News that a lack of faith in the government by Afghan citizens ultimately enabled the Taliban takeover.

“One of the fundamental issues I think clearly is the corruption in the government…the government itself not having the legitimacy in the eyes of the people,” Milley said. “You saw what happened at the end. The senior government elites, they all just literally bugged out.”

The good General then said that despite the frustrations of Americans and how they’ve taken it out on President Joe Biden as a “messy” withdrawal, the U.S. was still able to coordinate the rapid evacuation of 124,000 Americans and Afghans…

Let’s be very clear, more than likely 120,000 of those were unvetted Afghans you packed and sent to the United States General. A Terror event is eminent on U.S. soil because of this debacle. We’ve seen multiple veterans in the last few weeks including Congressional candidate Sean Parnell talk about how his interpreter set his team up with the Taliban when he served, and killed multiple troops under his command. Parnell told the story on Tucker Carlson and you can watch it below.

The general further sought to assure all service members and the families who lost loved ones in the War in Afghanistan that their efforts were not made in vain. 

“War is a horrible, terrible thing,” he said. “But I can tell you with a high degree of certainty that the troops that have fought in this for 20 years –  they made a difference.  

“They protected the United States from a kind of terror, from a terrorist attack for two decades,” he added. 

Milley also spoke on the 13 U.S. Marines who were murdered in a bombing at the Kabul International Airport.

“Those 13 that were killed the other day at Abbey Gate, they didn’t die in vain, they died so that others will live free,” he added. 

Unbelievable, this was completely preventable, and just like Marine Lieutenant Colonel Scheller keeps saying, they won’t own up to it, apologize, or accept responsibility for their despicable actions.

Thanks to Jennifer Griffin at Fox News for this amazing interview.

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David E Gignac
David E Gignac
1 year ago

If Milley were an honorable man he would resign in disgrace. Any more pushing the blame on others and even Joe Biden will be able to see what a worthless human being he is. LOSER

Alton Brown
Alton Brown
1 year ago

LONE WOLF ATTACK ALERT: Random Lone wolf suicide attacks are going to start up within months. They are impossible to detect or defend. They will be inspired by the success of the Taliban to die for their cause. They will target gatherings of as few as 20 or even single individuals. Be aware of anyone in your area that is a stranger or is acting in an unusual manner. The methods of attack will be by-any-means-possible. Suicide bomber attacks will take longer to organize because of the logistical activities that they require that can alert law enforcement. The most vulnerable… Read more »

Keith Laney
1 year ago

“One of the fundamental issues I think clearly is the corruption in the government…the government itself not having the legitimacy in the eyes of the people,” Milley said. “You saw what happened at the end. The senior government elites, they all just literally bugged out.”

Well.. isn’t that what we’ve been saying about THEM??