Mike Pompeo Takes Shots at President Trump Claims He’s Not a Real Conservative (VIDEO)

Former Congressman, CIA Director, and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has now shown that loyalty doesn’t run very far in those who were in the Trump administration.

Pompeo took shots at former President Trump on Fox News Sunday with Shannon Bream, saying that President Trump wasn’t even a true conservative.

“Would a President Pompeo do a better job at managing the deficit and debt than a President Trump did?

Pompeo: “I think a President Pompeo or any conservative President would do better than not only we did during the four years of the Trump administration, Barack Obama, George Bush, the list is long Shannon of folks who come to Washington on one theory and aren’t prepared to stand up and explain to the American people how we’re actually going to get that right.”

Pompeo: “It matters to the next generation, the system is at risk if we don’t get it right. We are $31 trillion dollars in the hole, we’ve got to begin to grow the economy, build it back with lower taxes, and when we do that and grow our economy we’ll get it right back right. It’s going to take a true conservative leader Shannon.”

“Are you saying that President Trump wasn’t a true conservative leader?”

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Pompeo: “Six trillion dollars in more in debt, that’s never the right direction for the country Shannon.”

Pompeo isn’t wrong on what the problem is with America, but blaming President Trump’s four years for what’s transpired the last 35 years is a low ball move. Especially for someone that most deemed loyal to the former President.

Watch the asinine remarks of Mike Pompeo below.


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Henry Acres
Henry Acres
24 days ago

If you look back through the years of Donald Trump, you’ll see that he has stood on both sides of the aisle. What really makes a true anything these days. RINOS are all over the map, as are whatever you want to call the cross the line Demorats.