Mike Lindell Forced To Sell Off Assets To Pay For Dominion Lawsuit

Mike Lindell has been put through the ringer for his stance against Dominion Voting Systems, and they have hammered him with a billion dollar lawsuit. Now he’s been forced to sell off assets in order to pay for that lawsuit.

Dominion is the manufacturer of the voting machines that Lindell has accused of rigging the 2020 elections.

The Dominion lawsuit is a whopping $1.3 billion. However Lindell doesn’t seem to be caving or giving up anytime soon.

The Conservative Brief Reports:

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell has been paying a steep price for promoting his belief that the 2020 presidential election had issues with it that caused Joe Biden to win unfairly.

We have to note that his beliefs have not been corroborated by any evidence that we have seen.

But that has not stopped Lindell from sharing his message, even as he has been the victim of boycotts from both consumers who disagree with him and retailers who no longer carry his products.

He is also in litigation with Dominion Voting Systems who are suing him for $1.3 billion and now Lindell is selling some things to help fund his legal defense…

The hyper-Leftist rag known as Salon.com originally picked up the story, though it’s no wonder that they would be keeping a close eye on Lindell. The entiremainstream media has been unified in their attacks against Mike ever since he announced his support of former President Donald J. Trump. These attacks have only increased in scale and ferocity as the Left’s narrative surrounding the election has been enforced across all platforms controlled by Democrat allies. It would seem that Salon has been stalking every move the MyPillow CEO makes in hopes of finally ending his crusade.

Salon says:

According to Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) records reviewed by Salon, Lindell (through his company MyPillow) has recently sold off at least one of his private planes. FAA records indicate that an aircraft registered to MyPillow — a 1993 Dassault-Breguet Falcon 50 with tail number N497SP — was transferred to Clyde Air LLC on July 26, for an undisclosed purchase amount. (A similarly-configured 1993 Falcon 50 private jet currently on the market has a $2.5 million price tag.)

Using an apartment address associated with the new owner, Salon traced the purchase to a potential big-money buyer: capital executive Frank Selldorff. He didn’t return a Salon request for comment on Tuesday afternoon. 

Leading up to Lindell’s August “cyber symposium” in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, which was intended to prove his extravagant claims about the 2020 election (but clearly did not do so) the plane registered to MyPillow was used in a number of Lindell’s schemes, including his alleged efforts to transport and conceal Dominion and Smartmatic voting machines at various locations across the country. (No such machines materialized at his Sioux Falls event, despite many promises that they would.)

What are your thoughts Patriots?

Thanks to our friends at Trending Politics for contributing to this article.

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My thoughts are that this is a leftist site posing as conservative.