Mike Cernovich Urges Followers to Block Trump & His Administration (VIDEO)

Just when you thought that Mike Cernovich couldn’t get any crazier, here comes another hold my beer moment.

Cernovich took to his Periscope account and urged his followers to block President Trump, along with Dan Scavino his social media manager, and Brad Parscale his 2020 campaign manager.

This is the same guy that a few months back said that America needs Islam, you just can’t make up the insanity this guy spews. Read his Islam rant HERE.

This is yet another prime example of when speaking with a shock jock mentality might actually get you some attention. Although Mike has already burned his bridge with most Trump supporters from his last rant about saying America needs Islam.

So in a span of three months, he’s gone from “Never Trump”, to block anyone who works for Trump, and block the President himself. Oh, and let’s not forget saying America needs Sharia..

Do you still support Mike Cernovich?

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Tyranny Stopper
Tyranny Stopper
3 years ago

Cernovich came from no where.
Clung to Alex Jones and Infowars.
Moved on to push his weird ways.
And in recent months, really appears desperate for attention.

3 years ago

His popularity is in the tank, hasnt broke a story in years, is afraid of becoming irreverent, so he says crazy things to get attention.

Matthew Caldwell
3 years ago
3 years ago

Must be his hairdresser I watched video him admire him self almost funny but behind that joke I felt some deep problem who knows what gel the hairdresser put on his head a might have get in his brain poor guy also getting death treats so he’s under stress well one more bite the dust I also think he thinks he would make very adorable president 😀