MICHIGAN WE HAVE A PROBLEM! Election Program ‘ISSUE’ Tallied Only 2 Votes for GOP Candidate in One MI County, 33 MI Counties Now in Question

Michiganders, we have a huge problem. More and more data continues to come out and show absolute proof of voter fraud in your state.

The following is from our friends at The Western Journal.

An apparent issue with the election infrastructure in one Michigan county resulted in a Republican candidate having a tally of only two votes on Wednesday morning according to Michigan’s Interlochen Public Radio.

Now, it’s been revealed that the program at fault could be in use in dozens of other counties across the state.

The discrepancy was discovered Wednesday morning in Antrim County, according to Michigan’s Interlochen Public Radio.

Triston Cole, a Republican state legislator, cited the fact that Representative Jack Bergman received only two votes, according to county tabulations.

“I can guarantee that there were 6 [Bergman votes] in my immediate family alone,” Cole told IPR.

Election results posted to the county website have been taken down since the discrepancy was found.

“Early this morning, the Antrim County Clerk, Sheryl Guy, became aware of apparently skewed results in the Unofficial Election Result tabulations,” county officials said on their Facebook page.

“Since then, the Clerk’s Office has been reviewing the results and the multiple redundancies to search out any possible discrepancies. Staff is currently working with township officials and with Election Source, the company that provides the voting software programs and hardware.”

According to WPBN-TV, Guy said the vote totals on printed tabulator tapes and totals counted by the election software did not match. The printed tabulated tapes from each precinct will be counted manually as a result.

You can read more from our friends at Western Journal.

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