Michigan Parents SUE Attorney General Merrick Garland Over FBI Memo to Target Them

Michigan parents are fighting back not just for Michigan, but for half of the parents in America who are sick and tired of the weaponized tyrannical Department of Justice that’s against them.

Michigan parents have sued Attorney General Merrick Garland over his memorandum directing the FBI to investigate a “disturbing spike” in violent threats towards educators and school board officials.

They literally don’t want you asking what they are doing with your kids, and that my friends is draconian.

The American Freedom Law Center, a conservative law firm representing parents of students in the school district of Saline, Michigan filed the lawsuit in U.S. District Court of the District of Columbia on Tuesday.

The parents are seeing “a preliminary injunction enjoining the recently announced policy of the Attorney General to use federal law enforcement resources to silence parents and other private citizens,” the lawsuit stated.

“Contrary to the Attorney General’s false assertion, there is no widespread criminality at school board meetings where parents and concerned citizens have expressed their opposition and outrage to the ‘progressive’ agenda being forced upon their children in the public schools,” the lawsuit continued.

Garland’s memo straight out of Joseph Stalin’s playbook came in the wake of a letter from the National School Boards Association to President Joe Biden. You know, the same group powered and ran by Teachers Unions who use millions of tax payer dollars to support Democrats in Presidential, Congressional, Senate, and local elections.

They literally in the memo used parents frustrations over mask mandates, changes in curriculum, lockdowns, and claimed that school leaders across the country were under a threat of “domestic terrorism.” An absolutely absurd and moronic notion.

The lawsuit described the attorney general’s letter as a “one-page screed that rubber-stamps the claims of ‘progressive,’ left-wing activists,” adding that the Department of Justice has no jurisdiction to meddle in the affairs of parents and local school boards. 

“It fails to account for the fact that the First Amendment protects political dissent — even dissent that rises to the level of intimidation or harassment,” the lawsuit added.

Multiple state-level school board associations have now severed ties with the NSBA over their letter to the Attorney General. Among the states that either distanced themselves or called out the National Group, Florida issued a letter to the NSBA voicing “concern” and advising leadership change among the group leading the association.

Thanks to our friends at The Washington Examiner for contributing to this article.

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