Michael Moore Panics Over Trump’s Growing Following

We all know that liberal activist and director Michael Moore is no fan of President Trump. However after the Trump rally he put out a social media response trying to let his democratic colleagues know they are in serious trouble if they don’t wake up.

Moore, after watching the rally made this tweet. It of course got responses from some of the top conservative influencers, which we will share with you later in this article.

Moore shared a video of the Trump rally in Orlando, Florida. The night that the President announced his bid for re-election. His reaction is priceless.

“I watched the whole thing last night. I know no one wants to waste that kind of time even looking at him, but not wanting to see the enormity of the fight ahead doesn’t make it go away. He hasn’t lost one inch of his fired-up insane base. Are u ready?”

The fact that Moore is showing that it’s an uphill battle for the left to win, isn’t something his fellow Democrats or the Mainstream Media wanted to read.

You see, in order to get ratings, they have to make it out like Trump is losing. That’s their end game, even if it’s not true, it’s what their spoon fed, snuggle puppy, safe space loving audience wants.

The real truth here is simple. The left cannot handle it. It being the truth. So therefore the Mainstream Media likes of CNN, NBC, MSNBC, and others continue to lie about the numbers, in order to make the participation trophy generation that can’t handle losing feel better.

It’s a grave mistake, but one that Trump supporters are perfectly okay with.

Yes Michael, we are ready. We are ready to Keep America Great!

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