MIC DROP: Charles Payne DESTROYS a Liberal Troll

I am a huge fan of Charles Payne, and have been fortunate enough to have a few conversations with this brilliant man. He’s truly brilliant, and I consider him a colleague and a friend in the industry I work in.

Charles is intelligent, to the point, and quite frankly one of the smartest men on television. However even with his amazing pedigree, it doesn’t stop liberals from being the constant low lives that they are.

The Twitter user Project for a New Agrarian Decade tweeted at Charles Payne “Charles, you’re a fucking snake,” with a chart from three years ago on the economy. Charles absolutely obliterated him.

“Fucking snake? LOL. You post a three year old chart that only underscore the fact blue collar workers were not participating in the economy so they elected Trump. They have been reward. So, I’m more like a fucking owl or fucking rhino when I’m running over folks like you.

I’m glad Charles stood up to this bully. Many of us, myself included have been dealing with these liberal bully’s for years now on social media. They get by with it too because of Twitter and Facebook censorship. They constantly attack conservatives with ZERO repercussions. However when a conservative fires back shots, often times the big tech giants punish the conservatives, and not the instigators themselves.

Well done Charles, we’re proud of you sir.

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Adele Krichbaum
Adele Krichbaum
2 years ago

Thank you, @RealMattCouch; I’ve been you guys on Twitter ever since I got banned on Christmas Eve for speaking up about certain persons in our “government.” God bless you, your work, all the work of like-minded patriots in this fight for our country, and God bless the USA. #AuditTheVote #Patriots