Miami PD Estimates 30,000 Vehicles Participated in MAGA Drag the Interstate Trump Rally in Florida

As I was in Florida I was blessed to meet the two geniuses behind all of the massive car rally’s around America. The MAGA Drag the Interstate crew has been doing a phenomenal job rallying Trump supporters in all 50 states.

During American Priorities AMP Fest at Trump National Doral in Miami, Florida, they decided to raise the bar for one hell of a rally!

On Saturday, thousands of Trump-loving Americans joined the MAGA Drag the Interstate group, including Latinos from Nicaragua, Venezuela and Cuba, participated in the massive pro-Trump car parade in South Florida.

According to the Miami police department, over 30,000 cars participated in the event.

The group will be holding Massive rallies in dozens of cities around America until the November 3rd election. Visit for more details.

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