MELTDOWN: Senate Requests Financials of Hunter Biden & Others Involved in Ukrainian Pay for Play

Senator Chuck Grassley has now requested financials and information of many top level Democrats who were involved in the Ukrainian pay for play.

Grassley has requested Suspicious Activity Reports on all of these individuals and entities relating to potentially improper actions by the Obama Admin with respect to Burisma and Ukraine.

The Senate Finance Chair has formerly requested this in a letter from the Senate to the Director of the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FCEN).

Grassley has full authority and jurisdiction in this matter under Article XXV in the United States Senate standing rules, as well as resolution S, 62 of the 115th United States Congress.

You can read the full letter below from the Senators.

Here’s an enhanced view of the names and entities that Grassley has demanded financials be turned over to the Senate on.

This is only the beginning America, stay tuned!

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