MELTDOWN! Schiff Bans Rep. Matt Gaetz from Deposition

Just when you thought the corruption couldn’t get any worse in Washington, but wait there’s more.

House Intelligence Chair Adam Schiff has banned Congressman Matt Gaetz from depositions according to The Federalist.

Gaetz just tweeted the article, so it’s safe to say this is 100% confirmed.

What did he ban him from you might ask? The deposition of a former anti-Trump national security official believed to be at the center of ongoing Ukraine proceedings, sources claim. Then Schiff tossed Rep. Matt Gaetz, R-Fla., out of the deposition.

According to the Congressional Research Service, formal impeachment proceedings are typically referred to the House Judiciary Committee. Gaetz sits on that committee; Schiff does not. The House has yet to approve a resolution granting broad impeachment investigative authority to any of its committees.

So now we’re kicking out elected officials who don’t agree with you? I’m sure that’s in the constitution right Mr. Schiff?

You can read more here from our friends at The Federalist.

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