MELTDOWN! Rosie O’Donnell “Well F*** U All – Traitors!” Attacks Republicans after Trump Acquittal, Twitter Does Nothing

Over the weekend insane liberal Rosie O’Donnell went completely off the hinge mad about President Trump’s second acquittal, and absolutely lost it!

Now imagine if what you’re about to read was said to Joe Biden by a conservative influencer, would they still have an account.

well fuck u all – traitors – cult members – reality deniers u have no shame – u tossed ur legacy in with his – the nation will not forget ur betrayal – he tried to kill mike pence for gods sake – what will it take – damn it #TrumpIsGuilty

Meanwhile President Trump is banned. Gateway Pundit is banned. General Flynn is banned. Project Veritas is banned. Liberals however seem to be immune to getting banned.

What do you think America, is there a double standard?

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