MELTDOWN: Never Trumping Ann Coulter ATTACKS Trump, Defends LOSER Jeff Sessions

What a great start to my Sunday. Ann Coulter is having her second Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) meltdown in two years. This is gloriously funny and shows that she’s nothing more than an establishment clown.

Coulter took to Twitter to attack President Trump on Sunday over his attacks on former Alabama Senator & Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Trump as many of you know has endorsed former Auburn football coach Tommy Tubberville over Sessions for the Senate race in 2020.

Sessions tried to defend himself from Trump, but got obliterated in this exchange.

“Mr. President, Alabama can and does trust me, as do conservatives across the country. Perhaps you’ve forgotten. They trusted me when I stepped out and put that trust on the line for you.”

Trump then destroyed him, as he often does many people.

Then cue the angry Ann Coulter, who’s done nothing but bash President Trump because he doesn’t do things exactly her way. Which is bat shit crazy, because that’s all she’s got. She’s literally ranting and raving at anything the President does since he tee’d off on her and destroyed her last march in a Tweet storm.

Oh but wait, it gets much worse. Ann Coulter literally called the President of the United States a “Retard.” I shit you not.

The most disloyal actual retard that has ever set foot in the Oval Office is trying to lose AND take the Senate with him. Another Roy Moore fiasco so he can blame someone else for his own mess.

But she didn’t stop there America, wait there’s more..

Trump didn’t build the wall and never had any intention of doing so. The ONE PERSON in the Trump administration who did anything about immigration was Jeff Session. And this lout attacks him.

What in the blue hell are you talking about Karen? He’s done more for border security than any President in American history, and he’s built HUNDREDS of miles of wall..

Did I tell you there was more?

I can’t wait to see what the media have in store for the former football coach, Tuberville. This is going to be another Roy Moore catastrophe – also engineered by Trump. #SaveTheSenate

Tommy Tuberville is one of the best men I’ve ever met. He’s one of the greats in college football coaching and respected by everyone in the sport. He’s a family man, born in Arkansas, loves the state he’s resided in for decades Alabama. You’re literally just spreading lies now Ann..

But wait, there’s more..

TRUMP GOT ALABAMA A DEMOCRATIC U.S. SENATOR BY HIS IDIOTIC MEDDLING IN THE PRIMARY LAST TIME. If you know nothing else, Alabamians, you should do the opposite of what Trump recommends in a primary.

So it was Trump’s fault that the media paraded out a slew of fake female accusers to attack Roy Moore? Also Roy Moore wouldn’t accept the President’s help and pushed back the entire time against him? You do realize that facts matter and not your opinions, right Ann? My God, does anyone actually believe the shit she’s shoveling with these lies and nonsense?

Roy Moore had nothing to do with Trump, he was a failed candidate from the get go, but he won the nomination. Furthermore, Trump had nothing to do with the smear campaign on Moore by the Democrats to try to get Doug Jones elected. Trump wants a winner and someone he can trust in the Senate. NO way in hell is he backing Jeff Sessions ever again.

If you still follow Ann Coulter after all of this, then it’s obvious you’re not a Trump supporter, and you might be a liberal.

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