MELTDOWN! Homeless Shelter Leader at Martha’s Vineyard Loses It: ‘We Don’t Have the Services to Handle 50 Immigrants’ and ‘Don’t Vote for DeSantis’ [VIDEO]

An absolutely hilarious and hysterical scene as the leader of a Homeless Shelter in Martha’s Vineyard loses her mind in this rambling interview about the whopping 50 or so illegal aliens who were dropped off by plane by governor Ron DeSantis.

It’s ridiculous to see these wealthy people complaining about all of these illegals that they want allowed into the country with the wide open southern border, yet they don’t want to take care of them, they want you the hard working blue collar Americans.

Lisa Belcastro, The coordinator for the Martha’s Vineyard homeless shelter, absolutely loses it in this interview below. Yes, we’re also as stunned as you are that Martha’s Vineyard has a homeless shelter, we’re wondering how many days it’s existed also.

“The difficult challenges are they have to move from here to somewhere else, we cannot, we don’t have the services to take care of 50 immigrants, we certainly don’t have housing, we’re in a housing crisis on this island.”

HAHA! Sorry, we have to laugh as 300,000 per month pour across the southern border illegally thanks to Democrat and Elitist policies and talking points like all of those who live on Martha’s Vineyard, but they can’t handle 50 people.. Think of the net worths of Oprah and the Obama’s. Really, they can’t help 50 people? No, they don’t want to help 50 people America. They think you’re stupid.

“This is a political game, these people are pawns.” Really, they are pawns? But all of you said the southern border was secure, and there were no illegals? Did something change?

She follows up with “Don’t vote for DeSantis, and yes I said that.” Why crazy lady, because he’s actually getting rid of the illegals that the dolts on the left want in the country? Isn’t it amazing when these rich clowns face just a little big of adversity due to their own doing, and they crack like an egg.

you can watch the full meltdown below.


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You don’t think the other places can deal with better!? The holding places are all over filled! Your place could easily go over capacity too! I hope Governor DeSantis keeps them coming you snobby idiots!!