MELTDOWN! CNN’s Chris Cuomo Throws Ugly TANTRUM Over Trump’s Goya Foods Picture (VIDEO)

President Trump has once again triggered the enemies of freedom and their heads are exploding right on schedule. 

There are none better when it comes to trolling the unhinged, thin-skinned members of the so-called resistance than Trump and his Instagram picture of the smiling POTUS at his Oval Office desk with a selection of Goya Foods products has elicited howls of faux outrage. 

One of those shrieking the loudest is CNN’s Chris Cuomo, the volatile brother of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo who is a frequent guest on his show despite the blatant conflict of interest that those appearances represent. 

Cuomo’s blood was boiling over the “bullsh*t” picture that rubbed the cancel culture’s noses in a steaming pile of their failed boycott of the nation’s largest Hispanic food company that has spectacularly backfired. 

In an ugly rant that fully demonstrates just how far that the self-proclaimed “most trusted name in news” has fallen since the days when it was a widely-respected news organization, Fredo wailed in impotent frustration against Trump. 

Via Yahoo News, “Chris Cuomo Calls ‘Bulls—‘ on Trump’s White House Goya Promo: ‘Are You Kidding Me?’”:

On Wednesday’s episode of “Cuomo Prime Time” on CNN, host Chris Cuomo had a blunt, profane response to a photo Donald Trump posted online earlier in the day that promoted Goya Foods: “You tell me how a president in the middle of a pandemic has got time for this bulls—.”

“The pandemic is in full effect, it’s feasting on us, especially red states whose governors followed Trump’s trail of denial to their own detriment,” Cuomo said during the opening segment of Wednesday’s show. “More importantly this” — Cuomo was referring to the photo from Trump’s Instagram — “You tell me how a president in the middle of a pandemic has got time for this bulls—. Are you kidding me? Hocking products?”

“That’s Goya, I don’t care who it is. Resolute desk? This is what he’s resolute about. Pandemic priorities. His daughter, Ivanka, top White House adviser. Are you kidding me? Marketing for a brand following calls for boycotts, after Goya’s CEO heaped praise on Trump last week,” Cuomo continued.

Over the weekend, the cancel culture misfits attacked the nation’s largest Hispanic food company over comments by Goya Foods President and CEO Bob Unanue who committed the unforgivable offense of speaking highly of President Trump. 

But it backfired with the unintended consequences of promoting Goya to millions who had never considered the brand but will now give it a try. 

There are also already of Goya sales skyrocketing and empty supermarket shelves as real Americans showed their support for the brand by filling their shopping carts and donating the product to food banks. 

Cuomo wasn’t the only member of CNN’s all-star team of anti-Trump activists to blow their stacks over the Trump-Goya photo as both the whiny Jake Tapper and the reptilian Anderson Cooper blasted the POTUS.

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