MELTDOWN! Cher Says Fight Trump’s ‘Third Reich’

The Hollywood resistance is in total meltdown again now that their hero Robert Mueller has cleared President Trump of colluding with the Russians to cheat Hillary out of her destiny of being the nation’s first female president.

It hasn’t been a good year for Democrats who have experienced pratfalls and self-inflicted wounds after casting their lot with socialists like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez her fellow controversial freshmen and then when Mueller delivered up that big nothing burger many are having a hard time choking it down.

Now that the fantasies of Trump and his family being frog-marched out of the White House in handcuffs have gone up in smoke, the usual cadre of loony celebs who are addicted to Twitter are screaming out all the despair that can be squeezed into 280 characters.

One of them is Cherilyn Sarkisian aka Cher, an unhinged aging former goddess whose political leanings have always been to the extreme left and despite her wealth and fame, appears to be mired in a state of inescapable misery during her twilight years.

The septuagenarian diva has become well known for her bizarre Twitter rants that are barely decipherable due to her overuse of emoticons but she may have now gone completely off the deep end with her latest rant which compares the U.S. government as led by Trump to the Third Reich.

“It’s Unequivocal & Indisputable. trump & his Third Reich Are About 2 Deconstruct Our Government & Our Country,” Cher declared. “They Are LIARS & CRIMINALS With No CONSCIENCE,& ‘THEY’RE WINNING’ DEMS FIGHT[Fire] WITH [Fire]. FK PC‼️ YOU ARE DOWN 4 THE COUNT. YOU WON CONG.,BUT WHATS CONG VS trump, SCORE?”

But this Meltdown was far from over America, she continued.

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Tom Smith
Tom Smith
3 years ago

Keep up the great work!