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MELTDOWN! Alyssa Milano Outraged About Illegals Going to Sanctuary Cities

You just can’t make up the soap opera that is the Democratic party. This article is not satire, although you would think it was from the title.

The Trump Administration as our own Matt Couch reported said late last night they were considering dumping thousands of illegals into Democratically ran sanctuary cities from holding areas at the border.

Since the Democrats and the liberal 9th circuit court refuse to work on immigration reform, and keep hampering the administrations ability to protect our southern border. Trump put out this tweet.

Which in turn outraged the bigoted and hypocritical Alyssa Milano.. She responded with her most moronic tweet to date.

So you want open borders, you want sanctuary cities, you don’t want immigration reform, and you’re mad about illegals going to sanctuary cities? These people are so dumb they don’t even know what they’re protesting anymore.

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1 year ago

Isn’t the purpose of sanctuary cities just what Potus 45 is suggesting??? I don’t get her issue?????

Bennie Sprouse
Bennie Sprouse
1 year ago

We need a LAW that REQUIRES the democrats to change the name of THEIR PARTY to the HYPOCRITE PARTY! Either they are totally ignorant of the hypocrisy of “Sanctuary for ILLEGALS” vs NOT WANTING THEM or they’re just typical NIMBY HYPOCRITES! I think it’s a TIE!!

1 year ago

Trump hasn’t thought about the (probably) unintended consequences of this plan. The goal is, or should be, to DEPORT them which was one of his campaign promises. Why bring in even more illegals just so you can make a point about the hypocrisy of the open border cabal? We already know they are hypocrites, no further proof is needed.

And what makes Trump think the illegal aliens will stay put if they don’t like the places he sends them? They have shown a propensity to move if they don’t like it where they are.

1 year ago

My thought exactly, JoAnnina. They are going to want sanctuary. Trump is merely making sure they arrive safely.

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