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MELTDOWN! Alyssa Milano Breaks Down Over Trump Rocky Picture

You just can’t make up the level of outrage of the left anymore.

Alyssa Milano took to Twitter with angry rants and videos on Wednesday triggered because President Trump shared a picture of Rocky Balboa with his head on the body of Sylvester Stallone. This is what the right calls a “meme”, lol.

Here’s the tweet that triggered Milano:

Here’s Alyssa’s response to the President having some fun on Thanksgiving Eve. “What the fuck is this fuckery?” Milano screached on Twitter.

Can you imagine if a conservative blue check mark had of made remarks about an Obama Tweet like this?

My good friend Sheriff David Clarke added some fun play by play to it.

“Ya gotta love this stuff from @realDonaldTrump it’s priceless watching snowflakes melt.” Clark added on his Twitter feed.

Here’s the video where Milano had an absolute MELTDOWN:

Milano says: A “line in the sand” shouldn’t stop people from entering America.. This is the same woman who visited the Southern border in a chauffeured SUV LOL!

Is there anyone crazier in Hollywood that Milano?

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1 year ago

Wow!! What a great actress, she can fake cry like a pro.

1 year ago

Your s funny

Brian5_64 (@64Brian5)

Good crying act on her part, but there were no tears. Such a fake.

Jeff H Reynolds (@JeffHReynolds)

she suffers from mental illness. she’s talked about it. and, it’s evident in all of these videos of hers. it’s pretty sad. she has no education … didn’t even bother to finish high school if I remember right. And, she talks as if she understands immigration law, trade law, and politics in general when she doesn’t have a clue. She’s an emotional wreck and whoever is treating her really ought to have their medical license pulled.

1 year ago

Aborting black babies is who Eugenics is. Why do you kill them then beg for trafficked children at the border?

Sherry Sanders
Sherry Sanders
1 year ago

She’s needs Jesus, she’s a hypocrite because the abortionist killed 42 million children!

Triple D's
Triple D's
1 year ago

OMWord, where has she lived the past 20 years? under a damn rock or what? What she mean by “this is not what the country is like.” were the hell has she been in an institution for mental Illness or what?

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