McConnell Says He Will Vote to Acquit Trump

Embattled Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell after turning his back on the 45th President of the United States now says he is poised to vote to acquit the President after seeing the evidence presented this week.

The Democrats, along with four RINOs (Republican in Name Only) voted to now allow witnesses to this blatant sham second impeachment trial, which is a disregard and treasonous attack on the first amendment of all Americans.

Senator John Cornyn (R-Texas) confirmed that the report was true in his remarks to reporters Saturday on Capitol Hill. This puts to rest weeks of speculation about what McConnell will do.

“He said it’s a vote of conscience,” Cornyn said. “So I think each senator needs to make that decision on their own. Obviously, he’s reached that conclusion.”

The Democrats continue to lie under oath, and even enter doctored documents as they did when congressman Eric Swalwell doctored the verification mark on former Breitbart reporter and one of the Trump Bus tour leaders Jennifer Lynn Lawrence last week.

“An insurrection—unlike a riot—is an organized movement acting for the express purpose to overthrow and take possession of a government’s powers,” they wrote in filings, arguing that Trump’s speech “was not an act encouraging an organized movement to overthrow the United States government.”

As you know by now, there was no insurrection, just some Antifa/BLM agitators and a ton of weak minded conservatives who followed suit. It was nothing more than a go with the flow event of folks causing idiocies to take place and taking selfies.

Who else will join McConnell to vote to acquit President Trump?

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