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McConnell Makes it Clear What the Senate Will Do to Bills Aimed at Defunding Police (VIDEO)

For some bizarre reason, Democrats are pushing the radical idea of defunding police departments and having literally no one to keep communities safe across the country following the death of George Floyd.

If House Democrats pass any measure aimed at defunding the police, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said it’s dead on arrival.

During a speech from the Senate floor, McConnell made it very clear that he does not support calls to defund police departments and that any measures will be rejected in the Senate.

“We’re already seeing outlandish calls, ‘defund the police,’ ‘abolish the police,’ take root within the left-wing leadership class,” McConnell said.

“I am all for social work and mental health. But call me old-fashioned. I think you may actually want a police officer to stop a criminal,” McConnell added.

He called the Minneapolis City Council’s plan to defund its police department “outlandish” and “nonsense.”

McConnell said police should not be “lumped in with the very worst examples of heinous behavior.”

Several Democratic lawmakers and leftist groups are calling for defunding in several major cities.

McConnell essentially suggested the entire idea is pure lunacy.

“Even if some left-wing leaders fall for this nonsense, I have a feeling the American people are too smart for that,” McConnell said. “They know what happened to George Floyd is totally abhorrent. They also know that riots and looting are unacceptable. And they know that well-trained law enforcement officers are an important part of creating safe communities, not something to defund or abolish.”


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi dodged questions on Monday about this outrageous idea.

“So there are all kinds of ways that we can come at this,” Pelosi said during a Capitol Hill press conference. “We want to work with our police departments. There are many who take pride in their work, and we want to be able to make sure the focus is on them.”

“There are many things we call upon our police departments to deal with. The public sentiment could not be clearer: we need to make some trans-formative change. Not incremental, trans-formative change,” Pelosi added.

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