McCarthy Vows to PUNISH Tech Companies That Turn Over Private Data to Jan 6 Democrat Ran Committee

The GOP Leader says he is vowing to punish companies that violate Americans constitutional rights and turn over information to the January 6 committee.

McCarthy is planning on a Republican majority after 2022, and with the debacle in Afghanistan, he’s headed for a major landslide victory in 2022’s midterms.

The January 6 committee, on a which hunt to prosecute truck drivers and grandmas who took selfies at the Capitol that day is now requesting information from private user data from over 35 big tech companies and providers.

The GOP “Will Not Forget” that these firms forfeited this information, namely phone and email records to the panel investigating the Capitol incident, McCarthy vowed.

McCarthy also said that by surrendering the data, these companies would “put every American with a phone or computer in the crosshairs of a surveillance state run by Democrat politicians.”

McCarthy hammered Schiff and Thompson as well as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi accusing them of trying to “strong-arm private companies to turn over individuals’ private data.”

On Monday, the January 6 Commission started acquiring the phone records associate with the Jan 6 incident from telecommunications and social-media companies. They issued letters to over 30 companies, including tech moguls like Microsoft and Google, as well as major carriers like AT&T and Verizon, asking them to retain records from April 1, 2020 to January 31, 2021, CNN reported.

“If these companies comply with the Democrat order to turn over private information, they are in violation of federal law and subject to losing their ability to operate in the United States,” McCarthy said in Tuesday’s statement. “If companies still choose to violate federal law, a Republican majority will not forget and will stand with Americans to hold them fully accountable under the law.”

McCarthy pulled all GOP appointees as Pelosi and Schiff played partisan politics as usual. In an attempt to seem bipartisan, Pelosi invited RINO Trump Haters Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger to participate in the committee.

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