McAuliffe’s Final Campaign Rally Features Teachers Union President Randi Weingarten

That’s right, we tried to warn you about this clown, but here it goes again. You have about 8 hours left to vote Virginia. This guy literally had the President of the Teachers Union Randi Weingarten at his final campaign rally on Monday.

That’s right! The night before the election in Virginia where education might be the top issue, McAuliffe is campaigning with the woman who shut down schools for almost 18 months. Mark Hemingway, a senior reporter and writer with RealClearInvestigations, tweeted.

“Virginians should vote accordingly,” he posted. His tweet was subsequently retweeted by the Republican National Committee.Report ad

“I’m closing my campaign with you in Richmond,” McAuliffe said. “He is closing his campaign with Donald Trump. Really?”

Donald Trump held a telephone-only rally Monday night that was not attended by Glenn Youngkin.

“Tomorrow I’d like to ask everyone to get out and vote for Glenn Youngkin. He’s a fantastic guy,” Trump told an invited group of donors by phone. “The future of this commonwealth — this great, great commonwealth — is on the ballot tomorrow.”

Unbelievable isn’t it America? Leave your comments below!

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