Mazie Hirono Says American’s Aren’t Smart Enough to Understand Impeachment (VIDEO)

Watch out, Deplorables. Now Democrats say you aren’t smart enough to understand why Democrats are pushing impeachment.

During an interview Friday morning on CNN with host John Berman, Hawaii Democratic Sen. Mazie Hirono implied that Americans are not smart enough to comprehend the Mueller report.

Further insulting the American people, Hirono said people need to see the “evidence” on television because they cannot read the 400-pages report.

After saying she supports an impeach inquiry into the president and demanded he be removed from office, Hirono went on to insult the American people’s intelligence.

“I think that we should open an impeachment inquiry so we can get on with telling the public what really happened,” Hirono began.

“Because the public and not going to read a 400-page report, as so many people are said. They need to watch the movie, because they’re not going to read the book,” she continued, insulting the American people.

“I think we would do a service to our country if we talk about and shine a light and educate the public American on what’s in that report,” she sad.

Hirono concluded: “Particularly as far as his efforts to obstruct justice, which I think is pretty clear. But then, you know, John, we’re not in normal times. Everything anybody says that is contrary to where the president is, he just goes on a massive attack. And that’s what he does.”

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Arline J. Peters
Arline J. Peters
3 years ago

This moron know nothing about American citizens.. She’s a complete idiot and I doubt she ever read Mueller’s report because I honestly don’t think she knows how to read/understand what it says..