Mayor Pete: ‘We Cannot Find Greatness in the Past’

Mayor Pete is at it again. This time saying that America’s past isn’t great, nor was it ever.

That’s right, everyone’s favorite Mayor just keeps spewing garbage. This time saying “We cannot find greatness in the past,” when looking at America.

The President’s son Don Trump Jr took notice, and fired shots back at Mayor Pete on Twitter.

“Did you know @MayorPete says we can’t find greatness in the past?! Someone teach him about George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, the Civil Rights Movement, storming Normandy, landing on the moon, the collapse of the Berlin War…”

I happen to agree with Don Jr, and I guarantee you my WWII Veteran Grandfather with multiple purple hearts, bronze star, silver star, would have somethings to say face to face to Mayor Pete.

What do you think America? Was America never great? Or is Mayor Pete a pompous ass?

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3 years ago

And he’ll find no greatness in the Democratic Party’s Present or Future.