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Mayor Pete Says All Trump Supporters are ’Racist’ if You Support The Wall

Well at least you now know how he really feels about you America.

Thursday night at the Democrat debate Mayor Pete said that if you support Trumps build the wall policies, you’re now a “racist.”

So if you support a nation that’s secure and has borders, you must be a racist right? You couldn’t just have common sense?

Mayor Pete can’t even run his own town of South Bend, Indiana. But he’s going to tell you about whether or not you are a racist because you’d like to protect your families.

Imagine the fantasy world that the left must live in.

The debate spent 95% of the time talking about racism, illegal immigrants, the wall, Trump, abortions, and basically nothing about how to help hard working law abiding citizens.

Did you watch any of the debate? We would love to hear your feedback.

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1 year ago

This guy talks about values? and him a damn queer…

1 year ago

I’d rather be racists then let freeloaders and terrorists over run our southern border. Screw this guy.

1 year ago

When you have nothing, play the race card. Since Pete is the mayor of a predominantly black city (and they don’t like him much), he plays the race card often.

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