Maxine Waters ‘We’re Going to Impeach Him’ (VIDEO)

Mad Max is at it again. That’s right, Congresswoman Maxine Waters is screaming she’s for impeachment. Raise your hand if you’re not shocked?

Congresswoman Maxine Waters recently tweeted an endorsement of impeachment proceedings, saying “Mueller kicked the impeachment ball to the Congress. The Constitution gives the responsibility to Congress to impeach an unfit president – “high crimes and misdemeanors.” What more do we need?”

Impeach for what? Hurt Feelings Maxine? That seems to be all the Democrats are running on in 2020. Butt Hurt and Anger.

There was no collusion, and you need almost 75% of Congress for Impeachment. You need 67 in the Senate. Good luck Maxine, you’ll need it. If you somehow succeed, you’ll then have 70 Million Patriots to deal with.

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