Maxine Waters Doubles Down on Impeachment Used DEBUNKED BuzzFeed Article

Congresswoman Maxine Waters who’s made a name for herself among liberals with her “impeach 45” rhetoric, was at it again Sunday morning.

The report that she referenced by BuzzFeed has since been debunked by the Special Counsel. The Special Counsel issued a rare statement calling the BuzzFeed report inaccurate and not true.

So knowing that the Special Counsel said the report was not accurate and not true, Waters doubled down on the Impeachment insanity. She was asked about the report, and still she disputed even the Special Counsel.

“He didn’t say, for example, that it’s an absolute lie, that it is absolutely not true.”

“The way he framed it, he made it sound as if there were some problems with the way that BuzzFeed did it, but it did not absolutely close out the possibility that what BuzzFeed is saying has a lot of truth to it,” Waters added.

Even though Mueller disputed the BuzzFeed Claim, that wasn’t stopping this insane woman from moving forward with the debunked report.

“Everything that I have seen about this president, whether it is what I have seen with collusion or with obstruction of justice, with his lies, with so many things that he’ve (sic) done, I certainly think that he qualifies for impeachment, and if it takes (Mueller) a little bit longer, if they’re all waiting on Mueller to give them permission, okay, that’s fine, but the fact of the matter is, this president should be impeached,” she said.

She reiterated that Congress should be waiting for Mueller’s final report.

“If the leadership and others have decided that’s what they want to do, I guess, that’s what they’re going to do, but I have to tell you, I believe in the final analysis, they can only come to that conclusion,” she said.

“This president must be impeached!” she strangely shouted.

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