Matthew McConaughey Shares RIDICULOUS Instagram Photo Kissing With Masks On

It’s not often that you have a whole lot of negative things to say about actor Matthew McConaughey. He’s generally a good dude. Loves College Football, is an avid Texas Longhorns alumni and fan, and even teaches a course or two at the University of Texas.

I actually hate writing this article, because he honestly doesn’t fit into the normal facade of Hollywood, like Harvey Weinstein and others.

But as I was scrolling along on my Sunday night, I noticed this picture. I’ll go ahead and share it. You can even see my comment next to it, that’s how “off” this threw me.

That’s right, it’s McConaughey kissing someone, who I’m assuming is his wife with masks on. It’s just absolutely insane and ludicrous. This entire masking fiasco has gone on long enough America. No one in America should be kissing with masks on. It’s not just ineffective, it’s dumb. There I said it, someone needs to.

No one yet has been able to explain to any of us in America how walking into a restaurant for all of 30 seconds with masks on, to then take them off for over an hour of dining and enjoyment with everyone else stops the spread of anything. Yet here we are, and everyone of us are doing it like the big dumb animals that we are. We have to stop pandering to this insane fear mongering, it’s counterproductive and absolutely mind numbing.

If masks worked, they wouldn’t have to force you to wear them. When someone says “show me the science behind masks,” wouldn’t you like to see it explained without their feelings involved? Why is it that no one brings up the size of microns of a virus versus say drywall dust, or bacteria? Why is it that no one questions this idiocy altogether now?

I’ll give you back your time, or you can reclaim it, whatever works for you. I digress, when does this level of stupid in America end? If Ever?

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1 year ago

it’s much easier to err on safe side