Matt Gaetz Trolls Liberals that Call Him a “Tool”

There’s nothing better to watch in Washington, D.C. than Florida congressman Matt Gaetz. He literally keeps the liberals complaining 24/7.

GOP Representative Matt Gaetz is fulling embracing online critics who have dubbed him a “tool” over a selfie he snapped with President Donald Trump and first lady Melania over the weekend at Game 5 of the World Series in Washington, D.C.

“I kinda like it” the outspoken Florida lawmaker wrote on Twitter in response to the trending hashag “MattGaetzIsATool.” This label was tagged on Gaetz by Andy Lassner, executive producer of The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Gaetz has maintained his reputation as a staunch Trump Supporter who doesn’t shy away from controversy. He helped lead last week’s effort by several dozen House Republicans to storm a secure area of the Capitol to gain access to closed-door witness depositions, shutting down the interview for much of the day.

Gaetz responded on twitter with a GIF of a shirtless man swinging a sledgehammer with the caption “I came in like a wrecking ball,” a nod to the Miley Cyrus song.

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