Matt Couch & Pastor Brian Gibson of His Church & Peaceably Gather Discuss Attacks on Christian Conservatives

Matt Couch sat down on Monday night with Pastor Brian Gibson to talk about the attacks on his family and others in the conservative Christian movement in America.

You can listen to the full interview below.


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Jim Goux
Jim Goux
1 year ago

Agrees that the rioters of the capitol are Pro-Trump extremists that did hijack the rally by listening to the president showing them the way. But then, you talk about the democrats as marxists, looters … assimilating them to the looters who hijacked BLM protests. That is not constructive and doesn’t help peace . Lets realize that the vast majority of Americans, right or left are in the center, not extremists, and then we can have a conversation. As far as religious freedom, I don’t know what is your problem : does anyone stops you from worshipping your god ? What… Read more »