Matt Couch & Arizona Congressional Candidate Josh Barnett Discuss Latest in Arizona Audit Update

Our own Matt Couch sat down with Arizona Congressional candidate and one of those leading the charge for the state audits to discuss the latest in the audit updates.

Barnett has been leading the charge with We The People Alliance Arizona PAC President Eric Wnuck in the state of Arizona, and has also assisted states like Nevada, Michigan, Georgia, and Pennsylvania in affidavits, constitutional issues, among other things as he fights for election integrity for the 2020 elections.

You can watch the full interview where He and Matt Couch discuss a variety of issues.


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Thomas Portello
Thomas Portello
1 year ago

I do not trust Matt Couch.
He was asked for information during a meeting in the West Wing. He gave up only 20 minutes of a 2 hour video.
He wanted money for the rest
He wanted to control it all
It could have saved Trump’s Presidency
He also turned on Jenna Ellis.
He is not who he says he is.

Watch out for him