MASSIVE Voter Fraud Uncovered in Houston, Stacks of Drivers Licenses USED to Illegally Vote per National File

This is the story of the month so far, if not the year uncovered by my good friend Patrick Howley over at The National File.

The following is from The National File:

Texas poll watcher Raymond T. Stewart, a retired police officer, submitted a sworn affidavit Thursday that was provided to the Harris County District Attorney’s Office.

That affidavit, exclusively obtained by NATIONAL FILE, alleges that a Houston precinct judge and staff illegally used a stack of driver’s licenses in their possession to allow people to vote illegally in the 2020 election at a drive-through voting window created by the Coronavirus pandemic.

Stewart’s affidavit and photos of the scheme are presented below. The acting precinct judge’s identity has been confirmed by the Harris County Clerk’s Office and insiders identify her as a Democrat.

In Houston, “you can vote like it is Taco Bell.” Howley said on his LIVE Periscope Saturday night after an attempt on his sources life was made, all of which is on video as well Howley reported.

Here is part of the affidavit obtained from The National File.

“My name is Raymond T. Stewart. I am above the age of eighteen years and am fully competent to make this affidavit. The facts stated in this affidavit are within my personal knowledge and are true and correct.

“I am a 30+ year veteran Texas Peace Officer. I am a volunteer poll watcher for Candidate Andre Hines. On 10/13/2020, at 8:40am, I arrived at polling location Northeast Multi-Services Center, PRCT ID SRD141C, 9720 Spaulding Street, Houston, Texas 77016.”

“I informed the staff that I was a poll watcher for a candidate and had my paperwork. I asked for the precinct judge to sign my required paperwork so I could start work. The precinct judge is identified as April Elmore (Gibson) and she was there but refused to sign my paperwork and she instead directed me to someone inside named Madonna. Madonna signed the paperwork but not in the designated signature line. I then began my work as a poll watcher.”

This is as big as it gets when it comes to voter fraud, sworn affidavits, pictures, video, you can read more from our friends at The National File. Also make sure you’re following my good friend Patrick Howley on Twitter at HowleyReporter.

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[…] MASSIVE Voter Fraud Uncovered in Houston, Stacks of Drivers Licenses USED to Illegally Vote per Nati… […]

1 year ago

I just saw a web page that is tracking how many people have voted so far, and the highest number of voters came from texas with over 4 million democrate votes. So.. this doesn’t surprise me at all.

1 year ago

Patrick Howley needs to get this out in Public in front of all eyes for his personal safety. Perhaps we need to just void any vote that can’t be verified and only count the in-person votes. This is insane!