Just a month after President Joe Biden paid a visit to Saudi Arabia in an attempt to get them to increase oil production to help ease prices at the pumps, the State Department made the announcement of their approval of the sale by the Defense Department’s Defense Security Cooperation Agency, of 300 PATRIOT MIM-104E Guidance Enhanced Missile-Tactical Ballistic missiles to Saudia Arabia, according to Just the News.

The State Department approval is for the 300 missiles and related equipment at a whopping price of $3.05 billion.

The deal includes the various tools, testing equipment, and testing programs, spare parts, and Quality Assurance Team support, as well as technical assistance provided by the government and also a team of contractors.

Whether you are a mathematician or not, it pretty easy to calculate that each missile costs over $10 million. That equates to a very large sum of cash.

The State Department also stated that the announcing of the potential deal, would not end up causing any sort of imbalance, militarily speaking, in the area.

“The U.S. already has over $126 billion in active military sales to Saudi Arabi, making the kingdom one of the largest recipients of U.S. weaponry, according to the department,” their report said.

The report also noted, “House Democrats attempted to stop the sale of weapons to Saudi Arabia ahead of Biden’s trip there in July over human rights concerns.”

One of the many questions that should be asked concerning this sale is whether or not this was all part of Biden’s plan to try and convince the Saudi Arabian government to increase their oil production and sale to the United States?

That could be, but we’re getting a lot of money out of the sale, so would that really make sense? But who knows with this administration?

The concern about human rights violations might have some merit. It seems rather difficult to trust anyone in a position of power in the Middle East region of the world. There is so much going on behind the scenes and often government officials are easily bribed. Will these missiles end up in the wrong hands, like terror groups bases in other countries inthe Middle East, and be used against us or our allies in the area?

Joe Biden has become famous for screwing up practically anything he attempts to do, so it’s hard to know how bad the consequences of this action could potentially be at this point.

One thing this sale does is bring up the massive, botched troop withdrawal from Afghanistan, which is coming up on its one-year anniversary. A whole year since the Taliban managed to seize control over the country, we spent two decades in, all the work and sacrifice destroyed over the course of a few days, not to mention all the weaponry we left them.

Pretty much sums up Biden’s legacy, doesn’t it?

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