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MASSIVE Lines Form for Trump Rally in Kentucky Tonight (VIDEO)

Ain’t no party like a President Trump rally America.

Lines as you can see in the below video are becoming massive in Lexington for President Trump’s rally tonight in Kentucky as he endorses and campaigns for incumbent governor Matt Bevin.

Bevin won election with a 9 point margin of victory in 2015. He is a rising star in the GOP, and is the 62nd Governor in Kentucky’s history, yet only the 4th Republican to ever win the spot.

Bevin is only the third Republican governor elected in the state since World War II.

The President and Vice President Mike Pence will be stumping for Bevin as the GOP looks to hold onto another major seat heading into the massive 2020 elections.

Kentucky is a state the Democrats control, and have more registered Democrats than Republicans in the state. Yet Trump won by a large margin in 2016, and Bevin in 2015. Will the Bluegrass state stay Red?

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