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MASSIVE Crowd Watched Trump & Fireworks as President Makes Defining Speech of his Presidency

The President attended a massive Fourth of July rally at Mount Rushmore in South Dakota on Friday night, and it was a stellar success.

Trump gave what many are calling the best speech of his presidency, and his defining moment as he told his supporters that they must stand up and fight for their country, or they risk losing it completely to the Democrats.

This left-wing cultural revolution will never be allowed to destroy our way of life or take away our freedom.

“No movement that seeks to dismantle these treasured American legacies can possibly have a love of America at its heart.”

“Today, we will set history and history’s record straight. Before these figures were immortalized in stone, they were American giants in full flesh and blood, gallant men whose intrepid deeds unleashed the greatest leap of human advancement the world has ever known.”

Another great line from the President’s speech.

We believe in equal opportunity, equal justice, and equal treatment for EVERY American!

Check out the massive crowd in the video below:

This was the defining moment in the Trump presidency folks. He urged his followers to get involved, to stop being silent, and to take their country back with him. We must heed the words of our great President, we must organize. The fight for our country has begun.

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Patricia Blakley
Patricia Blakley
6 months ago

It was a beautiful Crowd, All cheering. Trump is the best President WE have ever had. “WE ARE THE PEOPLE” AGAIN‼🇺🇸💯⭐🌟⭐ WE need to step up to the plate. Goal being more goals being voted for, put on the ballot.

Debbie Combs
Debbie Combs
6 months ago

Mr President greatest speech I’ve heard since John F Kennedy. You must get reelected for the sake of America

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