MASSIVE Crowd for President Trump, Bill O’Reilly History Tour: Fake News Lies About Turn Out Yet Again..

The fake news rejects were in full spin mode on Saturday trying to claim that the “History Tour” with President Donald J. Trump and TV Host, Best Selling Author Bill O’Reilly was a dud. It turns out they were LYING yet again.

Saturday President Trump and Bill O’Reilly held a massive event in Sunrise, Florida, dubbed “The History Tour,” and it was a massive success with huge crowds. But you wouldn’t know that as the mainstream media puppets and reporters were in full blown spin mode lying and trying to claim it was a bust.

Newsweek reported “Donald Trump and Bill O’Reilly’s Tour Begins With Empty Seats in Florida — Report”

The media has already started lying to try to hurt President Trump’s bid at a second presidency in 2024, and we’re pretty damn confident he’s running, and so are they.

Fake News Yahoo was also attacking the crowd size.

Here’s a great listen to this crowd that was empty according to the mainstream media liars.

Here’s yet another one of the massive crowd.

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