MASS CASUALTY EVENT DECLARED: Two Dead, 20 Injured in Heartbreaking Scene as Tornado Hits Nursing Home in Monette, Arkansas

A heartbreaking scene from Monette, Arkansas as a nursing home was leveled with all residents and staff inside. At least two dead, and 20 injured so far from initial reports.

Police have declared the tornado a mass casualty incident.

Twenty or more people were trapped inside the nursing home when the damage occurred, a Craighead County judge said. Survivors are being taken to a nearby church to be reunited with family members.

The roof of the nursing home reportedly collapsed. Other buildings in town also suffered damage, police say.

Officials are asking for anyone with medical training to come to the scene, but asking anyone else to please stay away.

Tornado Warnings were issued Friday night for multiple counties across northeastern Arkansas, northwest Tennessee and southeast Missouri.

This is a breaking and developing story and we will report back as we have more details.

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