Mark Cuban UNLOADS on Schumer & Cornyn: ‘BOTH OF YOU NEED TO DO YOUR F***ING JOB!’

Billionaire Mark Cuban doesn’t mince words very often, but he said what EVERY American was thinking on Tuesday.

Senator Schumer is trying to push progressive issues, while Senator Cornyn is trying to protect big corporations with buy backs. Cuban like most Americans has had enough.

“BOTH OF YOU NEED TO DO YOUR FUCKING JOB! @SenSchumer, stop kissing progressive ass. We can’t solve every problem in this deal@JohnCornyn , stop kissing big corporate ass. They don’t need buybacks or exec bonuses. They have no choice but to take any deal they can get.”

Cuban Continued..

“The economy is crashing and people are getting sick and dying because you 2 hard dicks think your agendas are bigger than the health and future of the American people. They are not. There is no perfect deal. TIME IS OUR ENEMY. Get this done today!”

There’s nothing more left to say, I couldn’t have said it any better than what Cuban did. Well done!

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