Senator Joe Manchin’s (D-WVA) mask is now officially off. Once considered as a moderate who could be trusted to keep his word, he decided to show his cowardly self and stab Republicans in the back to make a “climate change” deal with the far-left of his party. To make things even worse, it came after a year of the West Virginia senator pledging to not pass a wasteful and foolish spending bill that would make inflation worse.

Topping that was a report that detailed that he changed his mind to appease the very leftwing lunatics who have been harassing and threatening him while accusing him of being bought off by the coal industry. At the urging of Senator Chris Coons (D-DE), Manchin jumped at the opportunity to hit a “homer” in the bottom of the ninth for the climate hysterics.

Manchin simply showed he’s a coward who wants to have it both ways, playing principled moderate for his constituents to get reelected while continuously folding to Washington-based politics on the issues that matter.

On Sunday morning, Manchin’s cowardice continued when he was pressed with an uncomfortable question about Joe Biden, on ABC’s “thisweek” program. You can watch his reaction on the video below:

The man may be a nice guy personally, but everyone sees Manchin for what he really is at this point, a far-left Democrat. Any Republican in Washington that is still thinking he is a conservative and trusting him should themselves be held accountable. 

It’s now evident he wants to make $400 billion “climate change” deals while raising taxes on people making over $30,000 a year. Then he won’t even answer a simple question about whether he would commit to supporting Biden. It’s all so that he can go back to West Virginia and lie to his constituents, many of which rely on the fossil fuel industry, that he is a moderate and wants to help them.

The GOP has provided cover for Manchin, ensuring his reelection for far too long. It’s time to let him enjoy his new friends on the far left. He will find out how they will treat him over the long haul. If, or when, Manchin realized what amistake he made, not a single Republican should be there to lend him a hand or any credibility. Let him burn. He built the fire.

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3 months ago

Been saying this since 1975. If a person has a “D” in front of their title and name they are NOT Americans who love and protect this country. They are there to make money and gain power. Manchin is no difference. To add to that, there are a whole slew of “R” people exactly the same. TERM LIMITS are the ONLY way to stop this madness.