Man Who Confronted Corrupt Nevada Governor Speaks Out

Earlier this week the host of Cannabis and Combat Justin Andersch had a chance meeting with Governor Steve Sisolak, where he confronted one of the most corrupt politicians in the nation about his tyrannical (and often hypocritical) actions during his term in office. During a press conference yesterday, he stated:

“I will not apologize for speaking out and expressing two years of frustration. I will not apologize for holding public officials responsible for their choices. I will not apologize for using language that is heard endlessly on every social media and music-streaming platform daily.”

Local Vegas news stations (who notoriously lean left and avoid criticizing the Governor) slandered the man, claiming his remarks were “racist” and “anti-Semitic” …although they never actually go on to explain how or why. They also described him as “right wing” and a “conspiracy theorist” for his anti-corrupt government remarks. Like, please find me the person who still trusts the government after all we’ve been through the last 2 years to “flatten the curve.”

To say Governor Steve Sisolak is corrupt would be the understatement of the year. In the last 2 years he’s restricted life saving drugs during covid, caused small businesses to close over illegal mandates and restrictions, legalized giving someone HIV on purpose for some abominable reason, bought two private jets on the tax payer’s dime during the middle of an economic crisis he caused, allowed forced vaccinations and vaccine passports to be enacted unconstitutionally across the state, was involved with some major campaign finance fraud involving a cannabis company, garners no-bid government contracts for his wife’s consulting firm where many of her clients are also his campaign donors, got away with causing an vehicle accident while appearing heavily impaired on police body cam footage, and was even named as one of the Governors who are also members of the Communist Chinese Party that was allegedly uncovered during that infamous leak that took place back in December 2020. Nevada is also one of the infamous battleground states that notoriously “stopped counting” on election night, only to resume in secret after sending poll watchers home without explanation, and then dragged it on for days…so if you’re thinking “we voted for this” I assure you, we did not.

This is not the first time “Shady” Steve Sisolak has been berated publicly, and I doubt it will be the last. I’m actually surprised he can go anywhere in public without a mob of angry people going after him for purposely ruining their lives.

Since I’ve been kicked off Twitter for posting proof of election fraud, you can follow me uncensored on GAB (which you can bookmark through DuckDuckGo) for easy access) at @AmericanAFMindy

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