Man Fourth in Line to Presidency, Senator Patrick Leahy Undergoes 2nd Surgery on Broken Hip at Age 82, Won’t Resign

Senator Patrick Leahy of Vermont just underwent his second surgery in 30 days to repair a broken hip he suffered, he is 82 years old and still in the United States Senate. What’s even scarier, he’s 4th in line of presidential succession.

Leahy (D-VT), 82, who follows only Vice President Kamala Harris, and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) in the presidential line of succession, just underwent an initial hip repair and replacement surgery June 30 after taking a tumble on June 29 that broke it.

Tuesday, Leahy’s office said the Democrat’s doctors “found it necessary to perform an additional surgery to help advance his recovery.”

“Senator Leahy was back in his rehabilitation room by Tuesday evening and is once again working diligently with the physical therapists to return home as soon as possible,” the statement concluded. “Senator Leahy and Marcelle deeply appreciate the continued messages of support and affection that have been offered to them during his recovery.”

After the fall happened, Leahy’s office blamed the fact that he had a “lifelong struggle with reduced depth perception” due to being born blind on one eye for the fall.

The original surgery was said to be to only repair the Senator’s hip, but it was revealed on Wednesday that it’s been completely replaced now.

Leahy’s office has insisted he is “expected to make a full recovery” and complete his term before heading off into retirement.

Scary thought that this man is 4th in line for the presidency, isn’t it America? He won’t resign at 82-years-old and with a broken hip because Vermont has a Republican Governor now, and he would be replaced in the United States Senate by a Republican. Amazing how it’s never about America, always about power for these people, even at 82-years-old.

Thanks to our friends at The New York Post for contributing to this article.

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