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MAGA: President Trump’s Approval Rating Hits 50%

They’re throwing every lie and smear they can at President Trump, and the American people aren’t buying it.

The President’s approval rating hit 50% again according to polling firm Rasmussen this week.

The Democrats are trying to convince their constituents that President Trump needs to be impeached, but no one is buying it. America is open for business and rocking.

The best economy in our nation’s history, lowest unemployment in 50+ years, Military fully funded, police and first responder moral on the rise. Middle America is in love with President Donald J. Trump, and they should be.

Over 5 million new jobs created, over 700,000 manufacturing jobs created, trade deals with Mexico and Canada, standing up to China, North Korea, and Iran. It’s been decades since America has seen this kind of leadership.

Conservatives haven’t seen a leader like this since Ronald Reagan, and it shows.

How pleased are you so far with the Trump presidency?

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Gus heim
Gus heim
1 year ago

Changing the subject but I truly believe that TWITTER doesnt want comments from people like me!I Got cut off again. I give up! They have snoops watching for things to complain about and if you piss them off they turn YOU in and you get removed, BUT the snoop never have problems. I suspect. Of course POTUS is doing good and his record speaks for itself and the swamp doesnt want to talk about record ,only the false accusations they constantly make up!I am old know history and speak from History so I am dangerous to the SWAMP. I dnt… Read more »

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