LSU Coach Ed Orgeron PRAISES Trump After Championship Win

As many of you know the LSU Tigers defeated the Clemson Tigers for the National Championship in College Football on Monday night 42-25.

The President surprised America when he and the First Lady showed up for the festivities.

Coach Ed Orgeron was excited to have the President there, and he said some amazing things about our President.

“I’m so proud of the state of Louisiana — we’ve had support from the governor, from the president, from everybody that follows LSU.”

But the Championship coach wasn’t quite finished praising President Trump.

“I was very honored to get a call from President Trump,” Orgeron said in late December. “He was very pleasant to talk to. Very complimentary of our football team, our coaching staff. Complimentary of the way the state of Louisiana has rallied around us. Was complimentary of the way we played all year and wished us good luck in the game.”

The President and First Lady received a standing ovation and chants of “USA USA USA” and “Four More Years” while walking out onto the field.

Watch the President’s roaring ovation HERE.

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3 years ago

Lol. The one he gets cheered by backwater fans and it’s treated as if he’s never been booed at a stadium. The guy is a loser and a liar.