Louisville Woman Suing City & Two Officers Alleges She Was Shot With a Rubber Bullet While “Peacefully Protesting”

A 24-year-old woman is suing the City of Louisville and two police officers alleging she was shot with a rubber bullet.

Keep in mind that the City of Louisville after the Breonna Taylor and George Floyd shootings were under a curfew, and anyone out was breaking curfew.

Shannyn White was out on May 29, protesting the deaths of Black Americans, such as George Floyd and Breonna Taylor, at the hands of police, according to the lawsuit, which was filed Monday.

The officers in the lawsuit are not named. The Louisville Metro Police Department declined to comment on the lawsuit and its allegations.

The lawsuit claims that White was standing unarmed with about 20 other people while videotaping the protesters’ chants on her cell phone when “suddenly, with no warning and for no legitimate reason,” Louisville officers fired projectiles at the group.

The lawsuit says White was shot in the face. One of the unnamed officers in the suit is being sued for allegedly shooting White, and the other for purportedly giving the order to shoot.

We haven’t seen many peaceful protesters, but the media would love to tell you that all of these people are just out being calm and peaceful as cities burn and get looted.

You can read more of her claims at CNN.com

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