On Wednesday, Louisiana’s House Committee for the Administration of Criminal Justice advanced House Bill 813, which was authored by Republican state Representative Danny McCormick, that would classify abortion as a homicide, allowing authorities to potentially charge women and girls with murder who criminalize in vitro fertilization, advocates said.​

After the bill was passed in the state’s House Committee, McCormick issued a statement on Facebook saying that it was a “HUGE VICTORY.”

The bill is being called the “Abolition of Abortion in Louisiana Act of 2022, and says “The state should fully recognize the human personhood of an unborn child at all stages of development prior to birth from the moment of fertilization.”

The bill also states, “Ensure the right to life and equal protection of the laws to all unborn children from the moment of fertilization, by protecting them by the same laws protecting other human beings.”

The bill’s sponsor, Danny McCormick, speaking during a hearing Wednesday, compared the move to flout federal laws protecting abortion to the state’s approval of medical marijuana. The bill also states that if passed, “any judge of this state who purports to enjoin, overrule, or void it, shall be subject to impeachment or removal.”

McCormick also said in a statement, “If more than fifteen states can defy the federal government, we can do it to save the lives of innocent babies. We cannot wait for the Supreme Court to confirm that innocent babies have the right to life.” McCormick added, “The taking of life is murder and it is illegal.”

“The next step is a House Floor vote. This is the first time a bill to end abortion, without compromise, has made it this far in the legislative process. Thank you to everyone for who has stood in favor of the truth and for what is right,” the statement continued. “Please continue covering this mission in prayer!

We are going after Satan’s crown jewel, to protect the lives of the innocent, and that is no light duty.”

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