‘Loophole’ Could Allow Double Voting in California Primary Election

What’s that, voter fraud in liberal California? Say it isn’t so…

A report from Fox 2 in California says that a new loophole could allow voters to cast two votes in the upcoming primary, and local election officials can’t do a thing about it.

The following is from Fox 2.

There is a loophole that potentially allows California voters to cast two ballots and some local elections officials say that they are powerless to stop it.

Hundreds of voters have attempted to vote more than once because the state’s automated system sends a new vote-by-mail ballot if personal information or party preference changes.

The issue has gone largely unaddressed for nearly four years, opening the door to potential voter fraud. The California Secretary of State has ignored calls to fix the flaw, leaving the responsibility up to counties to police thousands of votes.

“I do not trust this state and the voting practices,” Alameda County resident Rene McClure said. “I was anticipating it and it happened.”

Like many California voters, McClure wanted the ease of voting from her home but Alameda County Elections sent her a second vote-by-mail ballot after she applied for a California Real I.D., changed the spelling of her name and changed her political party preference.

“They’re counting me as two people,” she said.

Election safeguards are supposed to stop or flag the original ballot, but it’s hard to catch because the state gives voters the choice to vote-by-mail or at the polls and switch between the two. It’s increasingly murky during a primary election when nonpartisan voters are allowed to obtain a partisan ballot, if they ask for one.

“The unintended consequence of that is there are a lot of ballots floating around out there,” Contra Costa County’s assistant registrar Scott Konopasek said. 

You can read more from our friends over at Fox 2.

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