LOL! Restaurant Uses Kaepernick Jersey as Floor Mat

This is one of those stories that just makes every Patriotic American smile with glee.

A picture of  San Francisco 49ers Quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s jersey being taped to a local restaurant’s floor is causing a stir.

Virginia Beach resident James Perry said he walked into Krossroads Rock and Country Bar in the Pleasant Valley Shopping Center Thursday and saw the jersey at the front entrance.

“What went through my mind was like ‘Wow, is this real or is it a joke?’ How would you feel if someone taped a police officer’s uniform down?” Perry asked.

Comparing Colin Kaepernick to a police officer is probably the dumbest remake we’ve ever heard. He’s not a hero, he’s a race baiting moron.

Perry continues with his rant in typical liberal fashion trying to get people to boycott the bar.

“This is.what is taped to.the front entrance of kroosroads bars in va.beach,va located in pleasant valley shopping center on lynhaven parkway!!!now, would.we be wrong to.take a police officer an.entrance of an.establishment? This young man is exercising his constitutional right and is being vilianize!!! Didnt hit his wife,didnt rape nobody,didnt get caught abusing.drugs,or.get charged and cleared for.murdering two people!!!oh, and did not.shoot.any unarmed citizens!!!but yet his jersey a foot mat!!! real people and.yes this is a racist act…an overall disgusting one!!! Boycott this racist a** bar!”

So let me get this straight, Colin Kaepernick can use his constitutional right but this establishment can’t? Who’s the real racist? It’s not the bar owner folks.

“I was not offended by that,” Carol Bevilacqua said. “I think we live in a free country. I think people are allowed to do what they want.”

The general manager of the bar told News 3 taping the jersey down was about sportsmanship and Kaepernick’s disrespect of the flag – not race.

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