LOL: Circles in the Grass as Four San Francisco Parks get Social-Distancing Markings

There are many stories in today’s liberal snowflake society that we write and say, “this can’t be real,” It turns out that these are indeed very real.

Human parking spots literally are marked at Mission Dolores Park seen during lunch time on Thursday, May 21, 2020, in San Francisco, Calif. San Francisco Recreation & Parks Department painted social-distance guidance circles on the parks lawn.

Big white circles painted like polka dots across the grass in San Francisco parks mark the city’s latest effort to promote social distancing.

The Recreation and Parks Department drew the circles on Wednesday and Thursday in Dolores Park, Little Marina Green and Washington Square, said spokeswoman Tamara Aparton. The lawn of Jackson Playground will get its spots on Friday.

The effort comes ahead of what’s expected to be a hot, sunny Memorial Day weekend likely to lure people outdoors.

The 10-foot circles are 8-feet apart from each other, Aparton said. Sunbathers, picnickers and furry companions will have plenty of room to stretch out without getting too close to their neighbors.

The pilot program is based on a similar one in New York City, Aparton said, and could be expanded to other parks if it seems to help people keep their distance.

You can read more about this insanity from our friends at the San Francisco Chronicle.

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