Lockdowns are Coming, Help Us Keep the Churches Open and Stand with Peaceably Gather Today!

Just 19 months ago, we started Peaceably Gather with one goal in mind, to open America’s churches. Thanks to the leadership of Pastor Brian Gibson and his team, and so many of you, we were able to get over 5,000 churches and counting who were closed, to open their doors.

YOU, and people all across America just like you, are the reason our cause is rallying. Many of you have already reached out to your pastors and elected officials, sharing the Peaceably Gather petition. We’ve hit more than 25,000 signatures!

Lockdowns are starting again, but the battle for America goes on and is just beginning.

An assault on religious freedom has become apparent through the church shutdowns which are looming. But this assault on religious freedom has only just begun. Radical leftists are trying to silence religion (the Equality Act). They want to shut down Churches again, they want to shut down small businesses, and they want to cripple the American economy and capitalism once and for all.

College campuses have become indoctrination machines, targeting our children and educational systems. These systems and legislative acts are being engineered to drive God out of American thought. But we’re fighting and standing for the heart of America.

Peaceably Gather is in the news!

Real America’s News – Breaking Point with David Zere (COVID Vaccines unnecessary for those previously infected?)

Just the News – The Water Cooler with David Brody (A world governed by Sharia Law) The Eric Metaxas Radio Show (The story behind my run-in with “the authorities” after he preached at the Jan. 6 event in D.C.) 

The Epoch Times – Epoch TV (Resisting the shutdown and facing death threats)

Support our mission today at www.PG.today

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